Empowering Safety: Factor Healthcare's First Responder Training

Factor Healthcare, in collaboration with TN APEX ASDC, recently conducted an exclusive First Responder Training session focused on providing first aid training and basic life support (BLS) skills. Held at Viki Steel Industries in Gummidipoondi, the training program aimed to equip employees with essential knowledge and practical skills to respond effectively to medical emergencies.

The training session, which included theoretical instruction and hands-on practice, provided participants with a comprehensive understanding of first aid procedures. Delivered exclusively in Hindi, the session catered to the diverse workforce at Viki Steel Industries, including migrant workers and FIRST AID CLASS IN HINDI supervisors. By conducting the session in Hindi, Factor Healthcare aimed to ensure accessibility and comprehension for all participants, facilitating the application of first aid techniques in various workplace and community scenarios.

Factor Healthcare's initiative underscores its commitment to promoting workplace safety and empowering individuals with life-saving skills. website For more information about Factor Healthcare Services Pvt Ltd in Gummidipoondi, contact 8015 247 247.

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